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Yutaka Sado and the Tonkunstler Orchestra | CD: Tribute to Leonard Bernstein

Making of | CD «Tribute to Leonard Bernstein»
Launched end of April 2017

1-  Overture to «Candide»
2-  Symphonic Dances from the Musical «West Side Story»
3-  «On the Waterfront» Symphonic Suite for Orchestra
4-  «Fancy Free» Ballet

The Tonkunstler are in birthday mood! Leonard Bernstein was born just under 100 years ago, on 25 August 1918. To mark the occasion, the international music world is honouring the work of this universal genius who, among his other achievements, also made a decisive impact on Viennese musical life. For their centenary CD the Tonkunstler, conducted by their Music Director Yutaka Sado, whom Bernstein brought to Tanglewood and later appointed as his assistant, have chosen four of Bernstein's finest orchestral works – following Bernstein's own selection in his recordings with the New York Philharmonic released in 1961: the overture to «Candide», the dances from «West Side Story», the suite from the 1954 film «On the Waterfront» and the ballet «Fancy Free». The new CD features the latter work in a version recorded with the French composer, conductor and pianist Bruno Fontaine, and supplemented with the original recording of the song «Big Stuff», performed by Leonard Bernstein in person.

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